Services we recommend

Some prices may vary depending
on the make and model of your car

  • Engine Flush $120

    The oil in your engine becomes very thick and gluggy.
    When we change your oil a residue is always left behind which contaminates the fresh oil. With an engine flush a solvent is used that dissolves this residue so the new oil remains fresh for longer and protects the engine against wear and tear.

  • Transmission Flush $325

    The oil in your transmission becomes dirty and viscous during normal use. A transmission flush removes all old oil and sludge build-up, providing smoother gear changes and reduced wear and tear.


  • Fuel Filter $145 + Fitted

    The fuel filter cleans the fuel before it reaches your engine. The fuel filter becomes dirty and can restrict fuel from getting to the motor. A new fuel filter will allow the fuel to run freely once again and provide smoother running of your car.

  • Air Filter $88

    The air filter filters out all the dust and particles that may be in the air before it reaches the motor. The air filter becomes dirty and restricts the amount of air getting to the motor. With the air/fuel mixture being incorrect, the car can start mis-firing, resulting in poor performance
    and fuel economy.

  • Brake pads and Disc Rotor Machining

    From $275

    The brake pads are on either side of your brake rotor. When braking they are forced onto the rotor causing it to stop. Over time the pads wear down and need to be replaced. Not changing the brake pads when required can cause expensive damage and be seriously unsafe.

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